A Giant Leap Forward for GPS Usage

By | September 12, 2013

GPS may replace street addresses sooner than you think thanks to a new and easy to use standard.

The concept of naming streets and numbering buildings dates back only 250 years, apparently first used in Paris in 1765. It clearly was a great step forward however despite efforts to standardize the methods used, naming streets and numbering buildings remains mostly a very local affair and a mystery to visitors.

Certainly, GPS technology is without a doubt one of the wonders of our generation, but it is still hampered by the street address system. Switching to pure latitude and longitude coordinates is a challenge as there are four different formulas and, whichever way you look at it, they are all a lot of numbers.  It is from this challenge that a new standard has emerged that gives GPS coordinates a human-friendly 14 character code.   ePROP is pleased to announce the release of the ECCMA Natural Location Identifier or eNLI™.  Click here to read the press release.

The eNLI is an actual a location identifier you can use to identify any place, from the location of your mailbox,  front door, back door or the location of your propane tank.  It can bed used to locate the front door of an apartment or any door in an office building or any piece of equipment in any office or factory.

The eNLI is a “natural” identifier meaning that it uses geography as its basis versus a manmade numbering system .   eNLI leverages an open data standard and is made available free of charge for use directly or in a software application.  eNLI is calculated by applying the ECCMA 1-4 standard to the GPS coordinates you present and then you apply the same standard to convert an eNLI back to those GPS coordinates.  Visit our Standards page to learn more about this exciting new development.

The ePROP workgroup is gearing up to begin exploring the power and possibilities of eNLI in the coming weeks.  Information about upcoming discussions and events will be posted shortly.