Using location information in apps is about to take a giant leap forward in both ease and accuracy. Imagine the simplicity of working with a short string unique number that represents the entrance of a location with pin-point accuracy. No more parsing and storing complex street addresses in your databases. Perhaps best of all, the advent of a unique identifier can be created and used by your applications on the fly.   ECCMA has implemented the Property Natural identifier Unit space (PNIU.) described in the ECCMA 1-4 standard for broad use as the ECCMA Natural Location Identifier (eNLI™).  Click here to read the press release.

Click here to access the free eNLI generator

The eNLI is a 14 digit natural public domain location identifier that identifies a specific location anywhere in the world. It is based on an open free standard.   The eNLI is a modern, easy to use, simplified short-hand for location details, addresses and descriptions entered or validated through the application of the ECCMA 1-4 standard.

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