The ECCMA Property Team or “eProp” is responsible for soliciting and developing terminology to standardize how digital content about real property is represented in the ECCMA Open Technical Dictionary (eOTD) and to build and maintain domain specific data requirements and register these in the ECCMA Data Requirements Registry (eDRR). This effort includes the identification of properties in terms of location, type, use and purpose as well as characteristics of properties such as structural details and land attributes.

The group is made up of a cross-section of real property professionals, including appraisers, city planners, assessors, surveyors, inspectors, engineers, architects and technologists.  eProp seeks to align real world concerns and information about real property with the application of modern technology-based data governance, management, exchange and analytics.

Elizabeth Green, Principal Consultant for rel-e-vant Solutions

John Cirincione, Chief Appraiser for Collateral Analytics